How to Layer for Fall in the South

Fall is just around the corner, and we are excited! Fall is such a lovely time of year, with the crisp air, gorgeous leaves, and pumpkin spiced lattes galore. It’s also the time when you put your summer attire up and bring out the boots, hoodies, and sweaters…if you live up north. However, in the south, we have to be ready for anything! That’s why layers are so crucial because waking up to a brisk 45-degree morning and ending the day at a balmy 75 can wreak havoc on your wardrobe.

Here’s how to layer yourself up for a southern fall without freezing or overheating!

Rule Number 1: Pretend it’s Summer

Seriously, this is no joke. When getting dressed in the morning, pretend it’s summertime. Start with your basic tank top or lightweight dress shirt in a neutral or fall tone. We still love fall colors, even when it’s 90 degrees in October. Throw on a pair of comfy shorts that won’t bulk up the next few layers if wearing a skirt or a thin pair of jeans you can handle mid-summer. Do not; I repeat, do not wear heavy-weight pants yet. Those are for winter only. Just trust me. If it’s a really brisk morning, a lightweight pair of leggings will also suffice underneath your jeans.

Rule Number 2: Long Sleeves Need to Transform

Next, choose a nice button-down – preferably plaid. Solid colors are okay, too, but a southern fall involves a lot of plaids, so you should try to embrace it. Make sure it has those lovely buttons and loops that will keep the sleeves rolled up; they’ll be important around 10 a.m. If you don’t have a button-up shirt, buy one. This is non-negotiable. It should be at least one to two sizes too big for you, too.

Rule Number 3: Jacket with Removable Liner or a Hoodie

Your fall jacket desperately needs a removable liner. October may be warm, but at the end of November, you’ll want something a bit extra. Investing in a jacket that you can bulk up or trim down will save you a lot of hassle. If you aren’t partial to jackets, a hoodie is the only acceptable alternative. We don’t pull sweaters out until December.

Rule Number 4: Boots are Year-Round

Many of us never trade our boots in for sandals, as they work with cut-off shorts and dresses just as well as hoodies and jeans. If you don’t already own a pair of boots, invest in the real deal. Yes, they can get pricey, but they’re well worth the investment if you take good care of them. If you don’t want to go the boot route, consider a nice pair of Mary Janes or flats.

Rule Number 5: Take a Bag

As the day warms up and you start to shed your layers, you need somewhere to keep them. You don’t want to tie your jacket or hoodie and your plaid shirt around your waist. It gets bulky and hot after a few hours. Just calmly pack them away as you go, and they’ll be ready for tomorrow!

While many of you might read this as a tongue-in-cheek article, I assure you, one fall time in the south and you won’t be laughing anymore. Set yourself up for success and take it from me; your fall layers are important!