Bear With Me!!! Part 2

Winter is winding down and the ice on the pond is getting thin. Ice fishing is about done for the season. It has been fun while it lasted and I wish it would have been a longer season. Lots of fish were caught to eat and freeze for later. Guess it is time to put away the fishing gear.

Special tools used in this type of fishing includes pop ups for pike or walleyes, an auger to drill the holes. The auger can either be a hand auger or a motorized one. One with a motor drills the holes with less physical labor. A heated fishing shanty is nice. The fish are kept on the ice until quitting time, then put into a bucket to transport home. The bucket is also used to sit on while fishing and to store the empty beer bottles consumed while waiting for the fish to bite.

The type of bait is worms, maggots, bacon fat, jigs, corn, small minnows, fish eyes or whatever the fish will bite on. Warm clothes are a must. Good gloves keep your hands warm and some type of long johns to warm you while sitting for long periods of time on the bucket waiting for a bit. If the fish aren’t iting a person can drink a beer or two which makes you feel better. Heat used in the shanty or fishing tent is some type of propane heater which really works great.

When it is time to give it up for the day, all the gear must be loaded on a seld and pulled to where the vehicle is parked. The gear is stored in the vehicle and homeward bound.