The Perfect Gifts for Every Man

Men without hobbies can be hard to shop for, which means they always end up with clothes. It’s an easy pick, always needed, and shows you love them, whether you’re a friend, wife, or child. Here are the top seven clothing items you should gift for birthdays and the holidays. Just try to mix it up every year, so they don’t get more of one thing than they need!

Wool Socks

When you think of wool socks, you probably imagine those super thick sets you can only use in the dead of winter, but there are socks on the market for every season. From ankle-length and thin for summer and the outdoors to business socks that are longer and a tad bit heavier, you can’t go wrong with a good set of wool socks. Indeed, it’s not the most overwhelming present, but many men claim that once they get into wearing them, the wicking ability has them going back every time.


Even the manliest of men occasionally need to dress up, and a sweater that brings out the color of their eyes is a safe bet. Even if they don’t realize why they suddenly look so good, you’ll know it’s because you spent the extra time picking out the perfect one. For blue eyes, go with a neutral, light green, or deep blue. For green, choose yellow or dark green. For your hazel peeps, a burgundy can really make them pop. For brown, a rich blue or khaki green will be perfect!


While some men prefer a solid white, it’s not hard to do a little snooping through their social media to find out some of their interests. A little research can go a long way when picking out the perfect graphic tee. Now isn’t the time to broaden their horizons, though. Pick something you know they’re genuinely interested in, and they’ll wear it often! If you really want to upgrade their wardrobe, go with a super high-quality t-shirt for the best gift of the year. They’ll probably like it so much they’ll search out the brand on their own.


Shoes can be tricky, but if you know the man well enough, this is always a slam dunk. Check his shoes and see which ones could use an update. While some guys are great about keeping their footwear in perfect condition, oftentimes, men will wait until they’re falling apart to get a new pair. If they like to hike, jog, or hunt, consider updating the shoes they use. Always go with the same brand and size that they already own unless you’re choosing dress shoes.

It’s time to go forth and get to shopping. Don’t forget to wrap it in a sleek box with a beautiful bow!