Bear with Me !!!
Please pass this on to friends and neighbors. I am trying to increase the coverage
of my website I am a veteran and am a senior
citizen. I am in dire need to have people go to my website and just observe what
it offers. My savings has been invested in this site, which has 20 stores to choose
from to purchase whatever you need. I need traffic to my site so I can get out of
debt as I am about to go under. Hopefully if I get more traffic some will buy what
they would like to have and I will gradually climb out of the lale I am in.
The name grizclothing is taken from the university I graduated from and from my
residence which is in close proximity with grizzly bears. I live in a remote area
where deer, elk, and bears are common. My senior citizen age is 84 and I thought
this website would help me enjoy my old age. I am widowed and would like to
travel to visit relatives and friends. Right now I can’t afford to leave my backyard.
I love the USA and am a patriot and a Christian. There is no country better than
ours or has the freedom we do. The deviousness we are experiencing today is
tearing our country apart. I experienced communism first hand when in the
service in Berlin and visited East Berlin. Everything was controlled by the state
and there was no freedom for the people, very few autos, doom and gloom
everywhere. We don’t know how good we have it here. God has Blessed the USA
and will help us stay free!!!
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