Color Tones for Each Season

Every season has a certain set of color tones that work best. There’s a fundamental psychological science behind why, but for now, let’s just focus on what colors you should wear to look gorgeous and well put together each year.


Fall is known as the time to put up your tank tops away and bring out the sweaters, but it’s not truly a fall look without fall tones. Most color pallets are pulled straight from nature because it’s a comforting feeling to match your surroundings and embrace the changing season.

This season is all about layering, so start with a light neutral shirt, and pair it with a beautiful brown or dark green sweater. Add pops of oranges and earthy reds as your accents with scarves and gloves, and wear jeans or leggings in dark neutrals such as blue or black. Choose a pair of leather boots to complete the look, and you’re ready to go!


Winter is the holiday season, and it’s always nice to get in the mood by choosing clothes that reflect that. Beautiful creams and golds, or rich burgundies, will leave you feeling beautiful and ready for the fun. If you have a darker skin tone, consider some brilliant blue and emerald green sweaters and coats, and if you fall on the pale side, embrace the richer browns.

Layering is still the game’s name, but your clothing choices will be heavier with more accents. Try a cream or gold sweater over a black or taupe shirt with dark pants, and pair your jacket and boots in matching colors that echo or contrast your sub-layer. Your scarves will look fantastic in a loose-knit light-colored weave, with gold or silver threaded through.


After months of wearing earth tones, it’s time to branch out. Again, look to nature for the best styles. Baby blues, pastel pinks, and light corals will give you that “spring feel” you’ve been missing. If your eyes are blue, go with the pinks, but if they’re brown, choose a coral. Both hazel and green will go well with lighter greens and purples.

When spring warms up, choose a beautiful dress that’s good for all-day wear, with a deep scoop neck. Pair it with light brown boots or strappy sandals to complete the look, and add a matching purse.


Summer is always the chance to go wild or classy. Monochromatic outfits look fantastic in any color, but especially bold yellows, soft whites, and vibrant greens or purples. Patterned summer dresses are the perfect choice for having fun in the sun.

For the best look, pair a set of strappy sandals with an off-the-shoulder white shirt and some cutoff jeans. Let your makeup and accessories do most of the work!


Clothing choices are all about feeling confident. If you feel good about how you look, it’ll shine through in any outfit!