Best Men’s Jeans for Everyday Wear

A good pair of jeans is a must for every hard-working man. Whether you need them for work or just for weekend projects, jeans not only protect your legs, they’re one of the most durable everyday items on the market. We’re going to share the top-rated brands and a few tips and tricks to keep those jeans lasting as long as possible in your wardrobe.


Wrangler came on the scene in 1904, over 117 years ago. They’ve made it this long because not only do they reinforce every seam, they have lined pockets for longevity and additional belt loops. They also have a lifetime warranty. Their jeans can be expensive, but honestly, they last forever and are made for the average worker to wear day in and day out.


With a whopping 132 years on the scene, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an older man that doesn’t own a pair of Lees or spent many years working in them. If you go through the reviews, you’ll quickly find there’s only one complaint: they’re so popular that they are almost always sold out of specific sizes.

Levi Strauss

The oldest known jeans on the market, Levi Strauss, have been around for over 168 years. In that time, they’ve not only perfected the work jean, but they’ve also made them comfortable, durable, and stylish. Rising above both Lees and Wranglers, these jeans will give you the longevity you’re searching for without breaking your wallet.


Following a bit behind the others, Dickies will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2022. If you’re looking for durable jeans in several different styles, Dickies offers the best look of the bunch. Classical cuts, triple seams, and a heavy-duty zipper made of brass give these a name in the market for their clean look and longevity.

Tips and Tricks for Years of Jeanswear

  • Use a detergent made specifically for denim
  • Turn your jeans inside out before washing on low spin
  • Immediately remove them when they’re done in the wash
  • Wash as infrequently as possible, and certainly not after every wear
  • Only use cold water when washing
  • Hang your jeans to dry if at all possible; if not, use the air-dry setting
  • Never use bleach or fabric softener

If you’ve recently lost or gained a few pounds, you don’t necessarily need to throw your jeans out. If they’re too big, wash and dry them on high heat, or boil them for 30 minutes and let them air dry. If they’re a tad bit too small, put them on and jump in a warm bath. Carefully stand up out of the water and proceed to bend and stretch as much as possible, loosening the fiber weave. Be sure not to dry them on high heat afterward, or they’ll shrink back down.