How to Accessorize a Black Dress

Every woman owns a little black dress for the fanciest occasions, but it is the accessories that truly do all the work.  Whether you want a bold look or something a little more sleek, we have tips to take that black dress and make it a knockout.

The Jewelry

Pay careful attention to the neckline when choosing a necklace. Here are a few basic rules based on the cut of the dress.

  • Turtleneck – wear a long chain with a single pendant.
  • Scoop Neck – find a necklace that falls just above the line, with multiple pendants that fan across your collarbone.
  • Box cut/Square – angular pendants will look best. Try a triangle or rhombus.
  • Crew neck – a beautiful bib or collar necklace will set the dress off.
  • Strapless – stick with chokers to accentuate your neck.
  • Off the shoulder – if the neckline is asymmetrical, your necklace should be, too.
  • Halter neck – choose a slim pendant that falls between the panels.
  • Cowl – a choker or collar necklace will accentuate the look.
  • V-neck – choose a pendant that echoes the cut.
  • Boat neck – a long strand of beads will bring the look together.
  • Sweetheart – choose a pendant collar that falls the same as the cut.

Your earrings should match your necklace, so try to purchase a complete set. If you are using ruby or sapphire pendants, your earrings should hold the same stone, as should your barrette and bracelets. If you cannot find a barrette or clip that matches perfectly, consider the chain type. Is it silver? Gold? A strand of beads? These will guide you when putting your hair up for the look. Hair accessories are not a must, however. If you genuinely cannot find a match, style your hair in a way that you do not need one.

Your shoes, purse, and scarf will also make a statement. This is where your color pop can shine through. Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose a fun and flirty color like red or continue the black theme.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you are comfortable and that the motif matches the occasion. The type of scarf you wear will have a considerable impact. A short scarf can be worn all night, but a thicker, heavier scarf will need to be removed at some point. Also, consider the type of shoe. Yes, high heels look amazing, but if you are not used to wearing them or plan to wear them for hours, a lower heel might be the way to go.

When you look in the mirror, you should feel confident. If not, consider changing a few things out. Do not be scared to go for that gorgeous statement necklace!