Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Just like your purse, shoes, and jewelry, your sunglasses make a fashion statement when you don them. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they can also highlight your body type, personality, and bring your outfit altogether. Everyone needs a pair that looks great and lasts forever but also matches the shape of your face.

There are five main face types:

  • Oval – a face that is more tall than wide.
  • Round – the height and width are very similar.
  • Heart-shaped- forehead is broad with a slimmer chin.
  • Square – the jaw has a boxy look and is wide.

You can measure your face to be sure, but a quick glance in the mirror should be enough. Once you’ve determined your face shape, it’s time to start shopping! Don’t be scared to go a little wild. Your sunglasses should truly exemplify who you are as a person.

When shopping, consider your skin tone and hair color. There are so many options available, from lens colors to frames, you want to research what works best and will really set your look apart.

Oval Shaped Face

This shape goes well with round or rectangular lenses. For the perfect look, get frames with a slight point at the upper outer edge, and stay away from the thicker ones. A thin frame will look fantastic. Honestly, for this shape, nearly every style can work, so spend some time trying them all on.

Round Shaped Face

You don’t want to echo your face shape with your sunglasses. Instead, try to find a slightly geometric pair. You can choose something square or hexagonal for the best look. The frames themselves are best on the bulky side, as a slim frame can look understated on a round face.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face with a Cupid bow’s mouth will look best with a round or oval design. You want the tops to be wider and the frames to be thin. Your face shape is already adorable, don’t hide it behind super dark lenses and frames. Try a pop of color to stand out.

Square Shaped Face

A bulky dark frame with a semi-oval look will add depth to your square-shaped face. You want a dramatic contrast to your angles. The more square your face is, the more round the glasses should be. Aim for a wide top with a wing at the edges, and consider a frame that doesn’t encompass the entire lens.


When it comes to sunglasses, you get what you pay for, so consider going for quality over quantity. While everyone likes to have more than one pair on hand, if they’re cheaply made, they’ll break easily. You also want to choose a company that stands by its product. Be sure to read their warranty clause and do your research on each brand before buying.