Embrace The Dad Bod with a New Wardrobe

Since the term went viral in 2015, the “dad bod” has been on everyone’s radar. Sure, it’s fun to drool at men with six-packs, but the dad bod is sexy in its own right, and we women love a little bit of softness to cuddle with. However, if you want the ladies looking your way, or that fresh fire in your wife’s eyes, it’s time to rethink your wardrobe.

When people disparage the dad bod, it’s primarily because of the somewhat sloppy clothing that goes with it. We get it, dads, you’re busy working and parenting, but you always like it when your wife goes the extra mile, so do the same for her.

We aren’t talking about a complete make-over like a reality TV show, but you can throw some things out with the trash. Let’s take a look at your clothing and see what you should replace.


How many old t-shirts do you own? How often do you wear them? It can be hard to give up that favorite tee, but let’s be honest for a minute: do you need to wear the same one once or twice a week? Unless it’s super high quality, I promise you, the wear and tear is evident. If you truly can’t give it up, at least set it in the back of your closet and give it a good time out. The same goes for work shirts, too. If you work for a company and the name is emblazoned on your chest, don’t wear it at home in the evenings or on weekends. Take it off, put on a fresh shirt, and show your wife a little variety. A nice new sweater can also go a long way in the fall and winter to put that twinkle in her eye. Trust me; she will notice the effort.


Take a look in your closet and chest of drawers. How many pairs of shorts and pants look exactly the same? Once a man finds what he likes, it can be hard to branch out. We get it; we truly do, but you can try a few new styles, and who knows, you might find you like something else even better. If your jeans are well worn and falling apart, or if your shorts have seen better days, it’s time to take a deep breath and brave the mall. You don’t need to spend hours there, but at least try on a handful of different things, find two or three you like, and go home and order them online.


Your favorite fleece is comfy, but if it’s the only thing you’re putting on when you walk out the door on a date, it can get old quickly. Head to a men’s clothing store and find one that makes you smile when you look in the mirror. Confidence is everything, and if you think you look good, it will show. It might even put a pep in your step you didn’t even notice was missing.

As I said before, whatever effort you put forth, women will take note. We appreciate it when you take the time to look clean and fresh. We love you dearly, but to keep the passion alive, we need a change now and then. It will make all the difference!