Which Purse Matches Your Personality?

Purses come in all shapes and sizes, and they say just as much about your personality as they do about your look. Because of this, your purse should not only be functional; it should exemplify the message you are trying to make with your clothing. Let’s go over the types and what personalities they match!

The Handbag

This purse is perfect for the woman that wants to show the world she is both stylish and classy. It’s a timeless choice that will never go out of style, and having a few options on hand will ensure you can match every outfit. Choose a dark, light, and colorful trio for every occasion! Since most handbags have a lot of space, they will hold all of your essentials and then some, will allow you to be fully prepared for whatever comes your way.

The Clutch

For the minimalist woman that loves having a night out on the town, the clutch is not only a statement piece, but it also makes you look well put together. While most purses can give a cluttered appearance, the clutch holds your phone and wallet, allowing you to keep just the essentials on hand. If at all possible, try to own five or six to match every outfit. While a classic black or white is perfect for those elegant outfits, a fun motif or pattern can exemplify your quirky personality.

The Shoulder Bag

For a woman that’s always on the go, the shoulder bag is for those that carry the world on their shoulders, literally. Unlike the handbag that takes one or both of your hands, the shoulder bag allows you to have everything you need while keeping your hands free and ready for anything. This is perfect for the busy mom or the woman that carries her hobbies along with her. A good shoulder bag can fit every occasion, but you still want to have a classic neutral color and a festive one.

The Shopping Bag

The largest of the bunch, the shopping bag, shows that you are ready for anything. From a night on the town to a day at the mall, the shopping bag can hold your essentials and your purchases. They often include a cross-body or shoulder strap, with a wide top and single button closure. You should have one that works just as well on the beach as a movie. These get a lot of heavy use, so when choosing your style, make sure it’s durable and pretty!

The Traveler

If you’re always on the go and rarely home, the traveler is perfect. It shows that you are adventurous as you’re always ready to go on your next excursions. While many of them look like classy suitcases, you can find fun backpacks that make a real statement! These bags work best for the flirty and fun, as you never know what your day will bring.