Kids Consignment Shops

Every parent knows the burden of having to purchase new clothes at least once a year. With so many seasons and rapidly growing kids, it can be hard to keep up without burning a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, kids’ consignment shops are here to save the day!

What is a consignment shop, and how do they work? Let’s dig in and find out.

Consignment shops can be found in every sector of the market. Basically, you take an item and put it up for sale in a shop. This applies to everything from antiques and sports gear to all kinds of clothing. Most shops work in one of two ways. Either they buy your items upfront for cash/store credit, or they list your items and pay monthly if they’ve sold.

Clothing consignment stores tend to fall in the first category. It can be a great way to make a quick buck, but your items will go further if you trade them in for store credit.

Why should you use a consignment shop?

As we previously mentioned, your kids need new clothes every year. They need fall, winter, spring, and summer garb that fits well. This can quickly get costly, but if you take last year’s items in for new things this year, you offset a considerable portion of the cost.

Shoes are another item that they quickly grow out of and tend to be super expensive in the major retail stores. Kids’ consignment shops have a wide variety of footwear to choose from for less than $10, and that’s before you trade in for credit!

What about the quality? Used clothing can have rips and stains!

Consignment shops are all about quality control. This can be tricky when you’re trading in, as they’ll only take gently used clothing that is in good repair, but it does assure you that once you’re back in the racks, everything you throw in the cart is whole and unblemished. This includes everything from fancy dresses to plain jeans and ballerina shoes.

If you prefer super high quality, a thrift store isn’t going to make the cut, but a consignment shop will. This is where you’ll go to get that $90 dress from Macy’s for less than $15. True, it can be a bit heart-wrenching to only get a $10 credit for a dress you spent a lot of money on, but if you start frequenting consignment shops, you’ll always get the best deal. The most amazing part? You can trade that item back in again next time! It’s a revolving door of savings and variety!

A few warnings:

Consignment shops only have so much space, so call ahead and see what they’re currently taking. It’s always a safe bet to try to trade in clothing for the current and next season, but don’t expect to walk in with summer clothing in the middle of winter. Also, read the shop’s reviews before you head that way and always go through the aisles before trading in for credit. Some kids’ consignment shops are better than others, and you don’t want to end up taking home a haul of clothing you don’t like just because you didn’t peek first!