Color Tones that Bring Out Your Eyes

Those pretty baby blues, soul-deep browns, multifaceted hazels, and mischievous greens shouldn’t be washed out by your clothing. The eyes are the true windows into your heart, and they’re always your best feature. Let’s look at the color tones you should wear to make your eyes the centerpiece of every look!

Blue Eyes

For blue eyes, you have a wide variety to choose from. All the classic neutrals, such as black, white, beige, ivory, and taupe, will enhance the striking blue, but try to embrace colors such as pink and purple. You’ll also do well with bright blues, lovely light greens, and many different pastels.

For daywear, choose the lighter neutrals such as grey and beige, while evening wear deserves a gorgeous fuchsia or royal blue. This is all about enhancing your natural coloring and making those blue eyes pop.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are already so vibrant; they just need a little help to truly set them off. You want to choose gorgeous tones, such as purples, rich greens, corals, and pale yellows. Purple has a broad spectrum, so understand that the more brilliant, the better.

The corals and pale yellows will work best in the spring and summer, while the warm purples and emerald greens are great for fall and winter. Hold each color up to your eyes, and you’ll see why they’re the top choices.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes already have a unique mixture, and you need to play it up. Your perceived eye color will drastically change depending on the colors you wear. If you want to bring out the darker tones in your eyes, choose dark neutrals, like browns and grays. If you want to highlight the green, go for vibrant oranges or lavenders. If you prefer a more serious and muted look, try burgundy.

For daywear, lavenders will be your best choice, but charcoal will make a true statement in the evening. Highlight your color choice by matching your eye shadow, and you’ll be shocked by the difference.

Brown Eyes

Since brown eyes are already neutral, it can be hard to make them truly stand out, but there are a few colors that will do the job. Soft pinks, rich blues, khaki greens, and golds are your best bet. If you’re not comfortable wearing gold on your clothing, you can use jewelry that will offset your coloring.

Rich and dark blues are best for daywear, but a soft, pretty pink will do wonders in the evening. Avoid dark browns, and stick to the lighter tones such as beige and cream.

Regardless of what you choose to wear, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable and confident. If you choose clothing that doesn’t make you feel pretty, you’ll keep your eyes down, and no one will see those gorgeous peeps. Also, consider pinning your hair back to give unfettered access to your eyes.