Fall Time!

Bear with me,

Fall is in the air, frost on the pumpkins and football is the sport of the season. It is time

to be thinking of breaking out the long johns, mitts and pulldown fuzzy caps. It is also the time for tailgating at your favorite football game. Tailgating is a sport in itself. It is always fun to see who can drink the most beer between halves and still know how the home team is doing. The last game I went too I really didn’t care as I had won the beer drinking contest and forgot to go back to the game. I just drank more beer and my buddies had to drive me home. My wife was not a happy camper and I had to sleep with the dog. The dog wasn’t too fond of the situation as I kept passing gas and was keeping him awake. When morning came my wife made me use our old outhouse. I got sick and threw up and my false teeth came out. My wife came with a flashlight and a grabber to get my teeth out. She grabbed them and shoved them back into my mouth. The taste was not good!! Such was my reward for winning the beer drinking contest.

I love to go hunting during this time of the year to provide my family with wild meat. Cow Elk tags

had to be a special tag and were gotten through a state drawing. Luck was with me and I got a cow permit. Lots of time and effort was spent looking for a cow, finally the last day of the season came and still no elk. I went out for the last time hoping maybe by chance I’d get lucky. The weather was cold and snowing, I trudged through snow for the last time and finally came across fresh elk signs and could even smell them. I creeped slowly with the wind in my favor and stopped to listen. Elk were feeding not far from me. One was slowly coming towards me and I raised up my gun to wait for it to come into sight. I saw it move through the brush but couldn’t see it in my scope. Then it slowly came into sight and was just about to squeeze to trigger, it had horns!!! Just then they all spooked and my hunt ended. There will always be next year. I guess that is why it is called hunting and not killing.

Snow is piling up and I better plow out my road so my wife can go to town and buy some groceries. I hope she buys some meat!!!